The historic Dingley Dell Cottage is one of South Australia's premier tourist attractions, famous as the former home of Adam Lindsay Gordon (1833-70).

Dingley Dell has been restored and refurbished as a museum, paying homage to the poet and bushman, as well as reflecting 19th century Australian lifestyle. It contains many of Gordon's belongings and memorabilia. The cottage grounds and surrounding bush that once inspired Gordon to write many of his verses, now offer picnic facilities and nature walks to visitors.

Located 467 km south east of Adelaide at Port MacDonnell, resident caretakers Allan and Jenny Childs welcome you to visit this iconic home.


Dingley Dell became the first building to be listed on the South Australia Heritage Register and is the oldest government-owned historical residence in South Australia.

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For an insight into his Gordon's life, take a stroll through his cottage where you can see some of his personal belongings and read his lyrical works.

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If you enjoy Australian Poetry, a visit to Dingley Dell Conservation Park is a must. Guided tours of the cottage are available daily, 10.00 am - 4.00 pm.

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Adam Lindsay Gordon

Dingley Dell Cottage remains as a memorial to Adam Lindsay Gordon for future generations, and a legacy to a great man - horseman, politician, poet, artist, lover of classical literature, and of life...

Adam Lindsay Gordon was Australia's National Poet who sang the first great songs of the land. He spent three happy and fruitful years at Dingley Dell between 1864 and 1867 where he wrote most of the poems in Sea Spray and Smoke Drift and Bush Ballads and Galloping Rhymes.

It was Gordon's only true home and resting place in Australia.