The Dingley Dell cottage is a museum that depicts Adam Lindsay Gordon, his life, his works and the history of the cottage. The museum is the most important collection of Gordon-related artifacts in the world.

The refurbished cottage contains some of Adam Lindsay Gordon's belongings and much memorabilia.

One front room is represented by the theme 'Adam Lindsay Gordon - His Work' and contains his writing desk, a display of early volumes of his work and recent editions for visitors to peruse.

The cottage grounds and surrounding bush that once inspired Gordon to write many of his verses, now offer picnic facilities and nature walks to visitors...

Amongst the many items of memorabilia is the baton, handcuffs and leggings Gordon used as a police mounted trooper, as well as enlargements of some of his drawings and Maggie Gordon's saddle.

The other room features 'Adam Lindsay Gordon - The Man' and contains photographs of aspects of his life, extracts from his letters, parliamentary speeches and a display of personal effects.

The middle room records the history of Dingley Dell, with photographs of the cottage taken at different times and a history of its preservation. The remaining room open to the public is the kitchen, furnished in period style.